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Weta Workshop Introduces 1:30 Scale Collectibles

Leonard Ellis and Daniel Falconer

HOD for Collectibles, Leonard Ellis and Concept Designer / Author, Daniel Falconer. (Source: Weta Workshop)

Exciting news for all the Hobbit (and Lord of the Rings) fans! Weta Workshop has recently announced their new line of collectibles that will be in a 1:30 scale range.

“We’ve been making collectible statues and environments for many years, but what we’ve discovered recently is there’s a real interest in seeing full scenes. So we’ve put together a team to start working on a new 1:30 scale line of dioramas.”

– Weta Workshop Concept Designer and Author, Daniel Falconer

The first iconic scene that will be reproduced in this new range is Dol Guldur and the work is already underway. This size will let Weta Workshop to explore even more collectibles that weren’t previously considered due to size restrictions. “Figures in the 1:30 scale range will come at a lower price point and take up less space than they would in the more traditional 1:6 scale polystone. Rather than one large bespoke piece, the scene will fit together as a series of modular elements.” (Source: Weta Workshop)

The 1:30 scale range is still at the beginning stages, but we can’t wait to see all the new collectibles and scenes that will be released!

Watch the video below for more details about this exciting news.


What would you like to see in our 1:30 scale range? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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