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Weta Workshop SDCC 2016 Reveals

Weta Workshop revealed some AWESOME new products at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! So gather up all of your pennies and let’s go through all the new goodies:

War Troll

I’m forever blown away by what the talented folks at Weta create.

The Witch-king

The Dol Guldur fighting scene was non-stop action, so I love that we get to see the Witch-king’s armor up close.


“He was twitching because he’s got my axe embedded in his nervous system!”


If it involves Galadriel, I’m all about it. This gorgeous statue should be going on sale soon, we’ll keep you posted!

Boromir at Amon Hen

Sculptor Jane Wenley did a brilliant job of capturing this unforgettable moment from the films! This is a limited edition of only 1000, so pre-order now!

Called to Rivendell by a dream, Boromir joins the Fellowship of the Ring as a representative of Gondor.

Lurtz at Amon Hen

I never thought I’d want to my own Lurtz so much in my life! This limited edition of 1000 scultped by Sam Gao is now available for pre-order! Buy it with Boromir for all your heartbreaking needs.

Bred in the pits of Orthanc by the Wizard Saruman, Lurtz is a towering Uruk-hai; long-limbed, strong and fearless. Sent to retrieve the Halflings for his master, Lurtz presses his hunters relentlessly, marching even under a bright noon sun.

Saruman at Dol Guldur

If you want to add this beautiful statue sculpted by Gary Hunt to your collection, pre-order it now because it’s a part of a limited run of just 1000!

First among the Order of the Istari, the Wizards sent to Middle-earth to rally its peoples against the threat of Sauron’s return, Saruman the White was a being of great intelligence, learning and power, but also of pride.

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