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If You Aren’t Watching Stephen Hunter’s New Vlog Series, You’re Missing Out

When you think of Bombur in the Hobbit films, I’m guessing you didn’t picture a guy dressed in a Chewbacca onesie, a pink and purple tutu, over-sized heart-shaped glasses, and a bear hat. But, that’s exactly the fantastically brilliant content you’ll find in Stephen Hunter’s website and social feeds.

The Kiwi-born actor and dad, who’s daughter came up with the genius “Tutubacca” outfit (yes, I just coined that term), has just launched a brand new vlog series of his own on Youtube and it’s everything I never knew I was missing in life.

Mixing humor with the realities of an actor’s life, Stephen addresses some of the truths and myths about the career choice in the most down-to-earth, hysterically funny way possible. And while An Actor Talks spotlights Stephen, his additional interview series titled, ACTORS Talk About Themselves, will showcase some very familiar faces. Many, Stephen points out, are fellow cast-mates from the Hobbit films.

One of those cast members, Jed Brophy (Nori, in the Hobbit films), is the first guest on the series. A few minutes in to the episode, Stephen announces to viewers, “It’s all very raw and it’s all very real.” And it truly is. I found it absolutely refreshing to hear first hand from both actors on their take of the film industry and their past struggles, triumphs, and future projects.

You can view the teaser video below:


Be sure to subscribe to Stephen Hunter’s Youtube channel and watch for updates and new episodes. Check out his official website here:

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