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Peter Jackson’s Response to the Collector’s DVD Set

What does Peter Jackson have to say about the $800 Middle-earth Limited Collector’s Edition?

Cliff and Justin from had a live stream tonight in which they discussed the “ultimate fan” set, and revealed that PJ and Michael Pellerin (producer) were not involved in the making of the it. In fact, Warner Bros. was approached about including the coveted unseen footage from the films that we have been longing for for well over a decade, but that didn’t work out.

“In addition, there was the added difficulty of [Warner Bros.] needing to access the original negative and scan the outtakes, bloopers and additional sequences. They declined to do this.” – Peter Jackson

Cliff and Justin brought up a lot of good points as to what should have been included, such as never-before-seen documentaries for each film. Justin also showed many of his copies of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit on DVD and brought up the great point that we are the perfect customer for this kind of product! The films have been released on different formats with a bunch of different packaging and many of us gladly bought them, myself included.

Just to refresh your memory: this Collector’s Edition (which has recently been lowered to $599.99 USD on Amazon) comes with both trilogies, extended scenes and appendices already released in past editions, so there isn’t anything new for us to watch. It has been repackaged to look like it could have come straight from Bilbo’s study or Elrond’s library; real pretty packaging, there’s no denying that. Anyone who buys it will also receive a Red Book of Westmarch styled sketchbook with sketches and film artwork, and exclusive art prints by John Howe and Alan Lee.

Watch tORn’s video to hear everything they–along with Peter Jackson and his team–had to say. You can also read PJ’s full statement on their site.

What about you? Will you be buying this collector’s item? Or are you still holding out for the 25th anniversary edition that, we hope, will actually involve the people who worked on the films?

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  1. This collector’s edition can go jump in a volcano. I’m holding out for the Unicorn.

  2. I’m definitely holding out for an edition that actually has new content and involved the people who worked on the films, and I hope others will too. We need to show WB that they can’t just push pretty-but-ridiculously expensive-packaging-with-no-new-content at us and think we’ll just eat it up. No okay.

  3. Wow, I don’t think I will be getting either at those prices. The packaging is cool, but for goodness sake that’s a lot of money

  4. Aleria Hurks says:

    It looks so pretty!
    I want it! But ill wait for the 25th Anniversary Edition as well.
    Patience is a virtue ????

  5. I’m with you all! Absolutely waiting till it’s done right and by the people who made the films. Greed is a horrible cancer and the way to make corporations like WB submit is hit them in their pocketbook. I’m holding out for the 25th Anniversary, hoping the Lord holds off till then.