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Aidan Turner Returns to TV

mediumAidan Turner fans in the US and Australia are in for a treat this Sunday (25 September) as Aidan returns to our TV screens in his period drama Poldark. The show is in its second season and is already on episode four in the UK where it’s garnering great reviews. If you missed the first series or just want a refresher check out Masterpiece’s Binge Watcher’s Guide.

Poldark may seem a far cry from Middle-earth but The Hobbit fans will notice a similarity as Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) becomes a man obsessed – and one of his obsessions is mining! Only this time it’s not Thorin searching for his gold but Ross looking for tin or copper. And instead of the mighty Smaug he has a wicked banker, George Warleggan, trying to do him harm.

Ross, however, has no dwarvish qualities when it comes to love, forgoing the dwarvish tradition of loving only once and yearning for his childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth, while being married Demelza.

Aidan says, ‘Ross lives on the edge, you never know quite what to expect with Ross which is exciting and what I like about him. He’s a man of principal and moral code and I like that but at the same time he is never dull. I can’t imagine ever getting bored.’

Poldark starts on ABC Australia and on PBS Masterpiece (double episode) on 25 September. It continues on Sundays on BBC One at 9pm in the UK. You can keep up with the show’s news with @Poldarked on Twitter.

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