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New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Funko Pops!

After what felt like decades of waiting, Funko will finally be expanding their The Lord of the Rings line later this year! The only other LOTR Funko products include a Sauron Pop and plushies including Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf, and an Orc.

Joining the Pop family will be: Gandalf, Frodo (in three different versions), Samwise, a Nazgûl, Saruman, Twilight Ringwraith, and Balrog (let the wings vs. no wings debate commence). Since there are already a couple Gandalf Pops from The Hobbit line, it’s nice to see they went with a Bridge of Khazad-dûm version. And I admit that a part of me wished Sam came with a little frying pan.

Funko Pop LOTR

You’ll also be able to buy Pop keychains of Frodo and Gandalf!

Funko Pop LOTR keychain

Which one are you planning to buy? Maybe all of them? Who do you hope Funko will turn into a Pop next?

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