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Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day With Us! [GIVEAWAY]

Tolkien Reading Day is HERE! We’re celebrating the works of J. R. R. Tolkien today, along with Tolkien fans the world over. Since the Tolkien Society established Tolkien Reading Day in 2003, Tolkien fans everywhere join together on this day to celebrate Tolkien’s work. It’s no coincidence that this day was chosen for this purpose: in Tolkien’s story, March 25 marks the destruction of the One Ring and the downfall of Sauron, and came to be celebrated as the start of the New Year in Gondor in the Fourth Age.

Tolkien Reading Day has a theme each year. The Tolkien Society has set the theme for 2017 as “Poetry and Songs in Tolkien’s Fiction.” We have a few ways to add to the celebration of that theme.


Image credit: Oloris Publishing.


Our earlier posts promised one more special surprise – as if the giveaways aren’t great enough – for Tolkien Reading Day.

Oloris Publishing is offering Middle-earth News readers a 20% discount on anything in the Oloris shop from now until April 15! Use the discount code FELLOWSHIP17 to get the discount.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our site this week, you will know that we are partnering with our friends at Oloris Publishing to bring you some very special (and completely awesome) giveaways for Tolkien Reading Day!

Let’s recap the great stuff that we have coming your way in our giveaways.

  • “The Scholar’s Pack” — A lucky winner will receive a copy of each of these fantastic books from the Oloris Publishing catalog: The Proverbs of Middle-earth by David Rowe, High Towers and Strong Places: A Political History of Middle-earth, by Timothy R. Furnish, Ph.D., and Anglo-Saxon Community in J. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’, by Dr. Deborah A. Higgins.
  • “Gandalf’s Gear Tote” — You could carry your own gear around in this great tote, with a design by Emil Johansson of

These are the Oloris titles in “The Scholar’s Pack” giveaway! Image credit: Oloris Publishing.

Gandalf's Gear Tote, designed by Emil Johansson. Image credit: Oloris Publishing, Emil Johansson.

Gandalf’s Gear Tote, designed by Emil Johansson. Image credit: Oloris Publishing, Emil Johansson.

How to Enter:

We have two giveaways, so we have two ways to enter. You are free to enter for a chance at both giveaways, and the giveaway is open to anyone from anywhere in the world!

  • To enter for a chance to win “The Scholar’s Pack” — Tweet us and tell us your favorite poem or song from Tolkien’s fiction, and include a photo (please use your own image, not one that belongs to someone else). Be sure to tag us (@middleearthnews) and Oloris (@olorispublish), and use the hashtag #tolkienreadingday.
  • To enter for a chance to win “Gandalf’s Gear Tote” — Tweet us your favorite Middle-earth Element from Emil Johansson’s “Periodic Table of Middle-earth.” If you need a bigger image, you can find one on the LOTR Project’s page. Be sure to tag us (@middleearthnews) and Oloris (@olorispublish), and use the hashtag #tolkienreadingday.
  • Please be reminded that our site is strictly “PG-13,” so be mindful of young eyes reading anything that you send us. Entries that violate that standard will be disqualified.

Giveaway Rules:

  • The giveaways are open to anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • You may enter each giveaway only one time. We reserve the right to remove multiple entries from the same person.
  • The deadline to enter the giveaways is 11:50 PM EDT on Sunday, March 26, 2017.
  • The giveaway winners will be chosen by a random draw from among the qualifying entries for each giveaway. A “qualifying” entry is one that, in the opinion of the Middle-earth News Staff, meets all of the guidelines (above).
  • Winners will be announced by Wednesday, March 29, 2017, and contacted by Middle-earth News for shipping information.
  • Decisions about giveaway winners are final.

Get your entries in! We want to hear from YOU!


Image credit: Oloris Publishing.

Happy Tolkien Reading Day, and Happy Gondorian New Year!

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