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Gimli the Dwarf on Uruk-hai Statue Available from Weta Workshop


Just in time for the second part of our 6 Week Movie Marathon, which involves The Lord of the Rings, Weta Workshop just released this new statue inspired by one of the scenes of the trilogy.

The Gimli the Dwarf on Uruk-hai statue has been sculpted by Brigitte Wuest, the dimensions are 6.69″ x 4.33″ x 4.72″ (W x H x D) 17 cm x 11 cm x 12 cm and it weights 1.89 lbs (0.86 kg). The statue costs $125.00 USD and it’s available now on Weta Workshop’s website!

Morning found Gimli sitting atop a dead enemy, smugly puffing on his pipe, when Legolas approached to boast of his final tally: 42 Uruk-hai. “That’s not bad for a pointy-eared Elvish princeling,” Gimli remarked. He himself was sitting pretty on number 43, though Legolas was quick to even the score.

You can see an unboxing of this statue on this video recorded by our friends at during one of their last live streamings (jump at 43:15 for the unboxing).

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