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Join Our Hobbit Book Club in June!

All month long in June, Middle-earth News will host a book club were we will read Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Ever wanted to discuss a scene or dialogue in The Hobbit? Something in the novel you find amusing or confusing? Then join our book club and explore Bilbo’s adventure to the Lonely Mountain and back.

Hobbit Book Club Mountains

Who can join and what do you need to do for this book club?
Everyone can join and all you need is a copy of Tolkien’s The Hobbit. People who have never read the novel before are just as welcome as those who know the novel by heart. While the aim of this book club is to read and discuss The Hobbit together, you can also join and read the novel without participating in discussions. Although, I think that sharing your reading experience with other can be very inspiring and entertaining.

Join our ‘Reading The Hobbit with Middle-earth News’ Facebook group here!

How is the book club going to work?
Each week, we will read specific chapters which we will discuss in our book club Facebook group. At the beginning of each week, I will post a recap of the previous week, containing my own thoughts while reading and a brief summary of the discussions that took place in the Facebook group.

What is the reading schedule?

Week 1: 01.06 -04.06
1. An Unexpected Journey
2. Roast Mutton
3. A Short Rest
4. Over Hill and Under Hill
5. Riddles in the Dark.

Week 2: 05.06-11.06
6. Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire
7. Queer Lodgings
8. Flies and Spiders
9. Barrels out of Bond
10. A Warm Welcome

Week 3: 12.06-18.06
11. On the Doorstep
12. Inside Information
13. Not at Home
14. Fire and Water
15. The Gathering of the Clouds

Week 4: 19.06 -25.06
16. A Thief in the Night
17. The Clouds Burst
18. The Return Journey
19. The Last Stage

Week 5: 26.06-30.06
A general discussion about various Hobbit adaptations of your choice.

Why a Facebook group?
A while ago, I’ve posted a poll on Twitter, asking where our readers would like book club discussions to take place. The options were: a Facebook group, G+, and “somewhere else”. Now, the option “somewhere else” won with 47%, followed by “a Facebook group” with 46% . I’ve tried to take your wishes into account, but since I was running into technical difficulties, I have to go with the option “a Facebook group” for this book club. Depending on the success of this book club (and the demand for another one), we might try other options in the future. For now, however, we all have to stick to our lovely Facebook group.

Join our ‘Reading The Hobbit with Middle-earth News’ Facebook group here!

What if you don’t have a Facebook account?
Don’t worry, you can still join the book club and discuss The Hobbit in other ways even if you don’t have a Facebook account. You can, for one, head over, at the beginning of each week, to our homepage and comment on my weekly summarizing posts. Moreover, you can also share your thoughts, questions, or reading selfies on Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #halflingsread.

So what are you thoughts on this book club? Will you join us? If so, do you have any wishes or questions in regards the book club? Leave a comment down below or use the hashtag #halflingsread on social media.

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