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Help Fund ‘Tolkien Talks’ Documentary on Kickstarter

An exciting new Kickstarter campaign has just launched to fund the creation of a documentary about J.R.R. Tolkien’s legacy titled Tolkien Talks!

The documentary will tell the story of how Professor Tolkien has lived on far beyond his death in 1973. Along the way, we’ll meet all kinds of people who have played a part in keeping the stories of Middle-earth (as well as Tolkien’s other writings) alive, including members of the Tolkien family, well-known artists, dedicated linguists, famous filmmakers, and fans from around the world.

Video: Director Sébastien Sigaut, ‘Tolkien Talks’

In the video above you can meet the director, Sébastien Sigaut. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because Middle-earth News has partnered with him in the past to bring you coverage from HobbitCon as well as an exclusive interview with Tolkien artist John Howe! I knew Sébastien was a massive Tolkien fan, but I didn’t know that he discovered Tolkien as a child through the live-action films. They were just hitting screens when he was hospitalized and needing a fantasy world to escape to.

Now, Sébastien considers it his quest to bring you Tolkien Talks! He has gathered a fellowship of talented people and established a budget, should the Kickstarter reach their modest goal of €15,000 (roughly $17,000 US). If you pledge, your rewards could include your name in the credits and a shout out on social media, digital and physical copies of the final 52-minute documentary, posters and exclusive artwork, free admission to the Greisinger Museum, and even tickets to the premiere in Paris!

Click over to the Tolkien Talks Kickstarter page and decide how you want to help! There are rewards for all budgets, but even spreading the word on social media can be a big help. You can follow Tolkien Talks on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and be sure to use the hashtag #TolkienTalks to promote it to all of your friends!

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