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Tolkien Bioepic is Finally a Reality

We’ve been hearing whispers since 2013, but this week it has been officially announced: a Tolkien bioepic is in the works! The film is to be directed by Dome Karukoski, with the story line following Tolkien’s early adulthood leading up to World War I.  Nicholas Hoult is reportedly in talks with Fox Searchlight and Chernin Entertainment about taking on the lead role. Hoult has previously landed rolls in Mad Max, X-men, About a Boy, and Clash of the Titans, among many others. With the film capturing Tolkien’s early friendships, relationships, and love for art and writing, it is said the tone will mirror that of The Professor’s Lord of the Rings, showing the impact his past had on his own stories.

While there has not been a date set for the start of production, the Tolkien fandom is abuzz with anticipation. What are your thoughts on the up-coming film? Who would you choose to play the role of our dearly loved Professor? Share your thoughts below!

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