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10th Anniversary LOTRO Soundtrack Now on Sale!

One of my favorite parts of playing The Lord of the Rings Online would definitely be the music. I have a habit of staying on the login page for a long time just to listen to the “LOTRO Legacy” track because it gets me pumped to slaughter hordes of orcs every time! From the happy Shire music to the haunted sounds of Mirkwood, to the epic tunes in Rohan, the music in LOTRO further immerses the player in the game and world of Middle-earth. But even if you haven’t played the game yet, the music is definitely a must-listen for all Tolkien fans!

I’ve often wondered why there wasn’t a physical CD because I would gladly put that on my shelf with my other Tolkien-related music, so when the CD was announced you can imagine how excited I got! It’s titled the “10th Anniversary Commemorative Soundtrack” and it comes with 26 songs which you can either digitally download for $14.99 USD or buy the Collector’s Edition Double CD Package for $19.99 USD + shipping (you could also buy each song individually for $0.99 USD). Purchase the soundtrack here.

The CD package is currently sold out but it will be restocked tomorrow, Monday, September 11!

I was one of the people who bought the album within the first 24 hours and I absolutely cannot wait to get it in the mail!

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