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Feast Week, Day 5: The Feast of Tom Bombadil | LOTRO Edition

We decided to make things different this year and celebrate Frodo’s journey on The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). My little hobbit Pluma is going to guide you through Middle-earth admiring the beautifully made landscape of Standing Stone Games’ MMORPGTo read more about Feast Week, be sure to visit our information page.

The hobbits reach the haven of Tom Bombadil’s home after the evils of the old forest and sit down to a most welcome supper. The Old Forest is one of the scariest location in LOTRO for me, but I love the house of Tom Bombadil and the atmosphere there, such a cozy little place.

A door opened and in came Tom Bombadil. He had now no hat and his thick brown hair was crowned with autumn leaves. He laughed, and going to Goldberry, took her hand.

‘Here’s my pretty lady!’ he said, bowing to the hobbits. ‘Here’s my Goldberry clothed all in silver-green with flowers in her girdle! Is the table laden? I see yellow cream and honeycomb, and white bread, and butter; milk, cheese, and green herbs and ripe berries gathered. Is that enough for us? Is the supper ready?’

– The Fellowship of the Ring, Chapter 7, In the House of Tom Bombadil

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