Collectors Corner: RockLove Jewelry

This week’s Collectors Corner post is all about RockLove Jewelry’s beautiful necklaces inspired by The Hobbit trilogy!

I purchased the acorn pendant as part of Weta’s Black Friday sale last year and I’ve worn it practically everyday since it arrived in the mail. The acorn has the words “small acts of kindness and love” engraved on it and I love having that little reminder with me whenever I wear it. It’s so beautifully crafted and because Bilbo is my all-time favorite character from Tolkien’s legendarium, it just makes me love the necklace even more. 

“One day it’ll grow. And every time I look at it, I’ll remember. Remember everything that happened: the good, the bad… and how lucky I am that I made it home.”

That acorn became such a beautiful symbol in the films and RockLove did such a stellar job designing something that captured all of that emotion and meaning in one small object.

Image credit: New Line Cinema

I purchased their other Hobbit necklace earlier in the year when the creator, Allison Cimino, had a sale going on for her birthday—such a hobbit thing to do! I quickly took advantage of the sale and got myself the Black Arrow pendant and now every time I wear it I can’t help but think of the scene where Bard tries to comfort Bain right before he takes down Smaug…I’m getting misty eyed just thinking about it!

I admit that I quickly fell for Bard and his family when I first watched The Desolation of Smaug and that only increased for The Battle of the Five Armies. The film arrow is definitely much bigger than the one described in the book but I’ve always been a fan!

Image credit: New Line Cinema

“It was initially designed by John Howe as an option for a conventional Lake-town arrow, I originally prototyped the arrowhead of what became the Black Arrow of Girion at around ten centimetres or between three and four inches in length. It went in front of Peter and the note came back, ‘Nope, this arrow is for shooting at Dragons. It needs to be 400% bigger!’ At that point it went from being an arrow to a harpoon… Ultimately the finished prop was, I think, one of the nicest I had the pleasure of making for the trilogy and it looked great on screen.”
—Alex Falkner, Weta Workshop Props Model Making Supervisor

You can read more in The Hobbit Chronicles 4: Cloaks & Daggers.

Since Bard is one of my favorite characters from the film, I like having something small that represents him—I say small because I also own the Black Arrow replica and that is a beast of weapon to try and display properly!

Unlike the acorn necklace, the arrow one doesn’t come with a metal chain but with a black leather cord instead (if leather isn’t your thing, it is possible to undo it and put it on whatever you like). RockLove did such a wonderful job on this pendant and I get a little feeling of confidence whenever I wear it, I think it’s because it’s like I have something with me that can take down a (tiny) dragon? Haha.

I for one would love to see more Middle-earth jewelry from RockLove! They also create lots of equally-as-beautiful pieces from other fandoms including Star Trek, Outlander, Marvel, and Twin Peaks so make sure to explore their website! RockLove.com

Here’s where you can buy the Acorn and Black Arrow pendants:
Acorn: RockLove | Weta
Black Arrow: Rocklove | Weta

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