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Collectors Corner: Middle-earth – From Script to Screen Book

This week’s Collectors Corner post is about Weta Workshop’s latest book, Middle-earth – From Script to Screen.

I pre-ordered from Weta back in May and received my copy earlier this month and it’s already one of my favorite items in my Tolkien collection! When you order from Weta you not only get the book, you also receive an envelope of calligraphic prints by Daniel Reeve (it’s only for a limited time so jump on it while you can). I usually buy all of my Weta books from Amazon but I decided to splurge when I saw the prints and I don’t regret it at all. If it involves the Shire, I want it in my life!

The book is written by Daniel Falconer, author of The Hobbit Chronicles (a fantastic set of books, I definitely recommend them) with additional writing by KM Rice, you may know her from Happy Hobbit! Script to Screen has plenty of great inside information about the films along with tons of photos and quotes from the cast and crew.

I haven’t read the entire book yet but I can share with you my first impressions and my very first thought was that it’s HEAVY. It covers everything from both of Peter Jackson’s trilogies so the weight really shows you that it’s jam-packed with Middle-earth goodness. The book is broken down by Middle-earth location and the stories  from LOTR and The Hobbit are intertwined which makes reading it feel very fluid and organic. I like to think of Script to Screen as a physical copy of the DVD appendices.

You can expect a full review sometime next month, I’m sure that I’ll have a lot to talk about! Congratulations to everyone who worked on the book, it’s a definite must-have for film fans!

Where to buy the book:

Weta | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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