About Middle-earth News

First off, we’re Tolkien fans. No seriously. We’re the people you’d find fully dressed as Galadriel and standing outside the store 2 days in advance, just to buy the latest version of The Hobbit so we can add it to all the other copies we proudly display in our homes.

Some of us have been reading Tolkien since we knew how to read, while some of us knew nothing of Tolkien until we saw The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy. However we were introduced, since then, we’ve grown to love Tolkien.

We believe, without a doubt, it was Tolkien’s passion he poured into his books, and the time he spent meticulously going over the tiniest of details, that we fans exist today.  All his efforts came together to create those beloved books we fans now treasure. Without Tolkien we would have no Bilbo and Frodo,  Arwen and Aragorn, or  Thorin and his company of Dwarves, to endlessly entertain our imaginations and inspire us.

And, it is with that same passion, we strive to make Middle-earth News a place where anyone from around the world can get great Tolkien news coverage. A place where you can not only find film news, but one where you can read about Tolkien-inspired art, artists, and artisans, games, and more. Everything that we have ever done has been with Tolkien fans in mind. What content would you all enjoy the most? Who would you like to read an interview about? What little-known artist can we spotlight and make known to the world?

It is our hope you will find Middle-earth News a welcoming place, and one you’ll love to visit and enjoy for years to come.