Fellowship Guidelines

The Middle-earth News Community Page exists as a place for Tolkien fans to come together as a “fellowship” of like-minded souls to discuss the author’s life and his writings, as well the art, books, games, and films inspired by them.

In order to ensure our community is a welcoming place for all fans, the following Fellowship Guidelines have been put into place and will be strictly adhered to by our Community Moderators. Middle-earth News reserves the right to remove any content posted on our Google Community Page that does not comply with the guidelines listed below:

  • All community members are to be treated with the utmost respect and decency. Do not post any content that is hateful or derogatory. We do not tolerate bullies.
  • All content (text, photos, videos, and graphics) should be G rated (for eyes of all ages) and within copyright law. We do not allow any explicit content or language on our Community Page.
  • Do not use our Google Community Page as a means to promote your business or mislead our Community Page members.

Thank you for helping to keep our Google Community Page a safe haven for Tolkien fans! If you have any questions, need to report Fellowship Guidelines abuse, or would like to apply to become a Community Moderator, please contact us.