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Arwen – Executive Director

North Carolina

The Creator and Executive Director of Middle-earth News. Arwen is a mother of two, an uber geek, loves all things Tolkien, pretends to understand LOTRO, and kicks ass at fantasy card games. She constantly quotes from The Muppets, Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate…. you get the point.

Spontaneous bursts of singing have been known to occur. Charlie is her guitar, Chewbacca is her car, and Moya is her van. Her wardrobe consists of geeky tees, jeans, and Chucks.


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Valdís Longbeard – Assistant Director

New York

Valdís is a classic nerd, with many geeky interests, but her life-long love of Tolkien rules them all. She was completely hooked the first time that she read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings at age 8.  Since then, she has read the books at least once a year, and delves into Middle-earth at every opportunity with a fervor that would make any dwarf proud.  She also deeply loves Peter Jackson’s films, and defends them staunchly when need arises.

When reality forces her out of Middle-earth, Valdís is a university professor, a wife, mother of two daughters, and servant to three cats.


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Evie – Staff Reporter

United Kingdom

Evie was introduced to Tolkien’s work by her boyfriend, over a beer in the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford. She went home, read the books and, a while later, married her boyfriend. She has only recently discovered fandom, after years of eye-rolling by her husband and children and is delighted to find it warm and welcoming and not-at-all weird.

As well as tracking down bits of news and sharing them with others, she leads horses for Riding for the Disabled and loves the cinema and theatre and her wildlife garden.



Alice – Staff Reporter


Alice discovered Tolkien’s world when she was 12 years old and watched The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time. It was love at the first sight. She read The Lord of the Rings in a few days and felt so sad when she finished that she read all the appendices several times and so it started her passion for the dates.

When not at her desk looking for something Middle-earth related or studying, you’ll probably find her whispering spells, just to be prepared when she’ll receive her Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.


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Myla – Staff Reporter


After being dragged to see The Fellowship of the Ring back in 2001 with her dad, Myla fell head-over-hobbit-feet in love with Middle-earth. Myla would love nothing more than to be able to live peacefully in the Shire and go on the occasional adventure with Bilbo. She has a habit of becoming too attached to fictional characters and buying too many copies of the same book. Myla enjoys creating art whenever she can and collecting all things relating to Tolkien.


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Britta – Contributor

New Hampshire

Britta first read The Hobbit when she was ten years old and has since devoted the majority of her time to studying and writing about Tolkien’s legendarium. When not immersed in maps and books, she can be found fighting off the agents of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings Online.


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Maria – Contributor


When Maria watched the Fellowship the very first time in cinemas, she fell hopelessly in love with Tolkien’s work. Up to the point where she lost herself in Middle Earth entirely. When not occupied with studying, she likes to draw, hoard books, travel around (if her bank account allows it), and pretending to be a hobbit that is attending Hogwarts in order to become a jedi knight


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