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Children of the Hobbit – A Short Film Inspired by The Hobbit

Richard Bellany, an aspiring actor and pupil at R.A. Butler Academy, along with his father Paul, made a short film inspired by The Hobbit book, and entitled Children of the Hobbit. It has been filmed in a week in the shire of Saffron Walden and starred 9-11 years old pupils from R.A. Butler and Thomas More primary school. The visual effects were curated by Paul Bellany, who worked in films like Harry Potter, while the parents of the children helped with the costumes.

Bellany stated: “Richard is a big Hobbit fan, so we thought it would be nice to intertwine the story with Saffron Walden. We were spoilt for choice with all the fantastic scenery on offer. We live in such a wonderful place and we wanted to reflect that in the film. We make many references to the area during. […] Children have a lovely innocence and honesty that adults don’t have on camera. It was lovely to give the kids the opportunity.”

The film Children of the Hobbit will be shown at Saffron Screen in the summer.

(Source: Cambridge News)

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