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Date for the Start of Filming of Amazon’s LOTR TV Series Revealed

Amazon has revealed that the filming for its Lord of the Rings TV Series will start in 2019.

In a statement to the German magazine IGN Deutschland, Amazon explained that they are at the early stages of planning and that they can only reveal that filming will start in 2019. Amazon further explained that they want to fill the gap of Game of Thrones. The last season of  Game of Thrones will be aired in 2019.

This schedule entails that the Amazon Prime Originals TV Series won’t be aired before 2020. However, it also suggests that we can expect first casting news earlier than anticipated.

Whether you’re excited about Amazon’s upcoming TV Series or not, the upcoming  months and years will be very exciting for the Tolkien fandom. Make sure to check our homepage for the latest news!


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  1. Daniel J. Morlan says:

    I dearly hope that they are taking this seriously. The fan base of The Lord of the Rings is diverse and often quite passionate about the canon. A series allows for the details of books, and this endeavor needs to be worked on by people who understand what they are doing above all else.